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Process characteristics of new waste pyrolysis and gasification technology

Summary:Process characteristics of new waste pyrolysis and gasification technology
Today, Huangtai Xiaobian will briefly introduce the technical characteristics of waste pyrolysis gasifier, hoping to help you understand and understand the gasifier!
(1) The effect of waste reduction is remarkable, which can be reduced by more than 90% at one time;
(2) Avoid the generation of dioxins from the source. In the whole process of waste pyrolysis and gasification, the system has been in the reduction atmosphere of H2 and does not have the conditions to generate dioxins, so the generation of dioxins is avoided.
(3) Prepare combustible gas to realize the recycling of energy. Waste pyrolysis and gasification will break the chemical bond of compounds by using heat energy under the condition of hypoxia, and change the organic matter with large molecular weight into combustible gases such as CO, H2 and CH4 with small molecular weight.
(4) Large scale closed production line will not affect the surrounding environment. Realize specialized and fine production, and adopt computer DCS automatic control, which has no adverse impact on the surrounding environment.
(5) Strong adaptability of process system and equipment. The pyrolysis gasification process has wide applicability and flexible operation.
(6) It can greatly reduce flue gas emission.
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