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The centralized gas production project of clean industrial gas in Neihuang ceramic park has been successfully delivered!

Summary:gas furnace|Circulating Fluidized Bed Gasifier

The clean industrial gas centralized gas production project of Anyang ruimeida company contracted by Jinan Huangtai gas stove Co., Ltd. has successfully supplied gas to the park and has been recognized by users!

The centralized gas production project of clean industrial gas in Neihuang ceramic park is designed by China Wuhuan engineering company, invested by Anyang ruimeida clean energy Co., Ltd. and constructed by Jinan Huangtai gas stove Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.03 billion yuan, covering an area of 162 mu, and an annual output of clean industrial gas of 2.4 billion nm ³, Calorific value 1350kcal / nm ³, The calorific value of natural gas is 396 million m3, the annual output value is about 850 million yuan, and the capacity of four sets of single set is more than 70000nm ³/ H circulating fluidized bed gasifier equipped with purification and desulfurization devices.

The advanced atmospheric circulation fluidized bed gasification technology is adopted in the project. The advanced nature of the technology is that no tar, phenolic substances and waste water are produced in the whole production process. It is in line with the industrial policy of "clean and efficient utilization of coal in the industrial field", and the clean industrial gas can produce two types of natural gas standards.

The current capacity of the project is 300000 nm per hour ³, The total emission of ceramic park can be reduced by more than 860 tons every year, SO2 emission can be reduced by more than 95%, and solid waste can be reduced by more than 100000 tons every year.

"Coal to gas has completely changed the bottleneck restricting the development of the ceramic industry and brought new vitality and vitality to our ceramic enterprises. It not only prolongs the production cycle of the ceramic line and stabilizes the market supply, but also makes our enterprise's production capacity more stable, products more high-quality and operation more efficient. At the same time, it also reduces the production cost of the enterprise. Roughly speaking, it can reduce the production cost by 20%, and we can invest more of these funds in new products In terms of product research and development, more and better inner yellow ceramic products will benefit thousands of households. " Chen daixun, chairman of Anyang Lange Ceramics Co., Ltd., said.

The centralized gas production project of clean industrial gas in the ceramic Park focuses on the concept of scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, promotes the gas for coal in Neihuang ceramic industry, optimizes industrial upgrading, and comprehensively realizes green and high-quality development, which is of milestone significance in the history of green development.