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The signing ceremony of 2022 target certificate of responsibility was successfully concluded!


On the morning of January 26, 2022, the signing ceremony of 2022 target responsibility certificate and 2021 annual commendation conference of Jinan Huangtai Gas Furnace Co., Ltd. were successfully held in the multi-functional conference hall on the fifth floor of the office building. The chairman of the company, middle and senior leaders, employee representatives and commended personnel attended the meeting!

At the beginning of the meeting, Bian Haifeng, chairman and general manager, made the company's 2021 annual work report and next year's work plan to the meeting. Chairman Bian Haifeng first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and partners at all levels who care about and care for the development of the company over the past year, and sent new year's greetings to all employees who work hard in all posts! Chairman Bian Haifeng summarized the work in 2021 from the aspects of marketing, foreign cooperation, enterprise innovation and social services, and made new arrangements for the development plan in 2022!

The heads of all branches (subsidiaries) and departments of Huangtai company read out the letter of responsibility for management of business objectives in 2002 and signed the letter of responsibility for objectives with the chairman. Guo Haiying, chairman of Huangtai trade union, attended the signing ceremony as the signing witness.
With clear goals and responsibilities, development can have a direction. The signing of the letter of objective responsibility not only further defines the responsibilities and efforts of each department of the company, enhances the sense of responsibility, mission and team consciousness of the Department, makes the management clearer, and makes all work more standardized and institutionalized.